How to buy an electric bike for the countryside?

Aug 10, 2022

How to buy an electric bike for the countryside?

What kind of electric bicycle does the countryside need?

The first thing you need to consider is what type of terrain do you plan to ride on? If you live in a city, then you might want to go for a commuting bike. But if you live in the countryside, you'll have to consider an e-bike that's better suited to country roads, where the conditions can be worse than city roads.

  1. If you need to ride on muddy roads, it is recommended that you choose a wide-wheeled electric bicycle, which is not easy to slip. Wide tires have a larger contact area with the ground, allowing for a smoother ride on the bike.
  2. If the road is not smooth, it is recommended that you choose an electric bicycle with high power, which can make your riding easier. No one wants to push a bike uphill, and that's a pain. There is one more important point: electric bicycles need to have good suspension, and a good suspension system can make riding more comfortable.
  3. If you need to ride a long distance, it is recommended to choose an electric bicycle with a larger battery capacity. If necessary, buy an extra battery for backup, so as to avoid the electric bicycle running out of power on the way.

Summary: A high-power, long-range, fat-tire electric bike with good suspension is more suitable for the countryside.

Which electric bike is better for the countryside?

If you need a fat tire high-power long-life electric bike, I highly recommend the Sinar S7. The Sinar S7 electric bike has the following advantages and is more suitable for riding in the countryside. Learn more:

  1. More capacity equal to more power and more riding mileage. The E-bike carries 750w brush-less gear motor which can reach maximum peak 1000w can helps bike ride 31/MPH.
  2. The bike uses a Shimano 8 gears which can gives you various riding modes, The pedal assist mode and Hand Throttle mode, in pedal assist mode the power assist is triggered when you pedal forward, and power assist stops when you stop pedaling and the riding distance is between 55-62 miles. In Hand throttle mode, you only need to press the throttle to move the E-bike and the riding distance is between 31-37 miles, the electric bike also have cruise control.
  3. This electric bike for adults adopts 20”*4” integrated tire, air front fork and dual suspensions to ensures your safety, give bikes the abilities to absorb shocks.
  4. The electric bicycle uses 986 colorful LCD screen which can protect your eyes, the hydraulic brake make sure the high efficiency brake distance and your safety.

sinar foldable electric bike

Making country riding more fun? you need these accessories!

Before you start your country adventure, it's important to make sure your accessories can handle a few extra things.

  1. Electric Bike Repair Kit: On longer rides, a multi-purpose repair kit (containing screwdrivers, pliers, and more) is essential.
  2. Electric Bike Helmet: Why you must have an electric bike helmet? First, some state laws require helmets to be worn when riding an electric bike, such as California. Secondly, when riding on a country road, there may be some branches next to the road entangling your hair and cutting your face, wearing a helmet can effectively protect you.
  3. Electric Light: Although many electric bicycles have their own lights, if you need to ride at night, you should buy an additional light for insurance purposes.
  4. Bottle Cage: When riding, water is essential, and the bottle cage can make it easier to place the water bottle

The above are just the commonly used accessories in cycling, there are many accessories that need to be equipped according to the specific situation, such as spare batteries, bicycle racks, compass, bicycle raincoats and so on. The more prepared you are, the happier the ride will be.