The best electric bikes under $2000

Aug 16, 2022

The best electric bikes under $2000

Everyone wants to buy an e-bike with the best value for money. The price of an e-bike depends a lot on its configuration. Generally speaking, cheap e-bikes use worse parts and expensive e-bikes use better parts. 

If your budget is not very sufficient, then I recommend you to buy the Sinar S7, which is the most cost-effective electric bike under $2000.

There are several reasons why the Sinar S7 is the best value electric bike under $2000:

  1. Samsung Batteries and Samsuang Cells. The battery is the most critical component of an electric bicycle, and it is also the most expensive component. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will use very cheap and unbranded batteries of poor quality. Although inferior batteries can also be used, their safety is not guaranteed, and inferior batteries have faster capacity decay and shorter service life. Sinar S7 uses a very famous brand of Samsung batteries and cells. Samsung batteries are of higher quality, more advanced technology and safer to use.
  2. Shimano 8 gears. The Sinar S7 electric bike has more gears to cope with more complex road conditions. The bike uses a Shimano 8 gears which can gives you various riding modes, The pedal assist mode and Hand Throttle mode, in pedal assist mode the power assist is triggered when you pedal forward, and power assist stops when you stop pedaling and the riding distance is between 55-62 miles. In Hand throttle mode, you only need to press the throttle to move the E-bike and the riding distance is between 31-37 miles, the electric bike also have cruise control.
  3. Air Fork and Excellent Shock Suspension. Sinar S7 electric bike for adults adopts 20”*4” integrated tire, air front fork and dual suspensions to ensures your safety, give bikes the abilities to absorb shocks. When you are riding the excellent suspension provides a suitable riding experience which makes you feel like riding the boat on the calm sea. So when you are riding, please receive natural feedback, feeling the wind through the face and enjoy your ride.

It's hard to tell the difference between an expensive e-bike and a cheap e-bike by looking at it, the difference is mostly in the quality of the parts. The Sinar S7 uses very good quality components and at the most affordable price, it is your best electric bike choice.