What you need to know about electric bikes

Aug 13, 2022

What you need to know about electric bikes

Electric bicycles, some people call it electric mopeds. According to the official definition:

An e-bike is a bicycle with a small electric motor that provides power to help move the bicycle. --

Electric bicycles are more and more frequently used for commuting, off-roading, and long-distance travel, and many people have realized the fun brought by electric bicycles.

Electric bicycle has no fitness effect?

This should be the question of many people. Does electric assist have any fitness effect, can it lose weight, and strengthen the body? Although electric bicycles are powered by batteries and motors, they still have pedals that require your legs to provide power. Electricity just keeps you at a higher and more stable speed. Plus, electric assist doesn't make you as exhausting as riding a traditional bike.

Electric bicycles provide at least moderate-intensity physical activity that is lower than conventional cycling but higher than walking. Improves physical condition and strengthens cardiorespiratory fitness.

You can burn about 75% of the calories on an electric bike as you would on a conventional bike. Of course, this depends on the strength of your electric assistance. As your cycling exercise time increases, your cycling ability will gradually increase, and you will use less assistance to ride. This is more like a disguised exercise. .

Are e-bikes only for seniors?

Last year Shimano conducted a survey in Europe, asking 13,412 people what they thought of electric bicycles.
Survey results show:
8% said they already own an electric bike;
17% said they were more likely to buy or use an e-bike than the previous year;
11% revealed that they no longer ride a traditional bike alone.
In country-by-country survey results, 30% of Italian respondents are keen to ride e-bikes, compared with 26% in Switzerland, 21% in Spain and 19% in France. A large percentage of these values come from young people.

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Is riding an electric bicycle cheating?

If you're racing bikes, electric assist is definitely cheating, but when we switch the scene to your daily commute or touring the city with your confidantes, electric assist bikes save you a lot of physical effort to pedal. , you can focus more on the beauty around you. How can enjoying life be cheating!

Electric-assist bicycles are big and bulky when they run out of power?

First of all, the electric bicycle has multiple gear options, you can adjust the power according to the current travel demand, and it also has an obvious power display, so you can clearly understand how far your car can go.

electric bike weight

Secondly, even if the power is completely exhausted, it does not mean that it is a behemoth. The electric bicycle is indeed heavier than the traditional bicycle. After all, the battery motor is added, but it will definitely not cause you to ride very hard. Electric bicycles also have different characteristics. The gear ratio adjustment can be used as a normal bicycle to ride.

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