Wide Wheel Electric Bike

Jul 26, 2022

Wide Wheel Electric Bike

What is wide wheel electric bike?

Wide wheel electric bike, also known as fat tire electric bike. As the name suggests, a wide wheel eBike comes with tires which are roughly twice the thickness of a normal eBike tire.fat tire electric bike

 What are the advantages of wide wheel electric bikes?

With a wide wheel electric bike, the driving speed is faster and more stable. You can get the best fun and speed. The wide wheel e-bike allows you to go off-road easily, which you can't do with a regular e-bike, and it can also be used on city roads, which is what makes the wide wheel e-bike so popular.

Off-road electric bike

How fast is a wide wheel electric bike?

More capacity equal to more power and more riding mileage.

Samsung Battery

The fat tire electric bike carries 750w brush-less gear motor which can reach maximum peak 1000w can helps bike ride 32/MPH.