We are an electric vehicle company operating for many years and have a professional team. We build S7 around the concepts of health, safety and comfort. We ensure the quality and safety of products under the novel and fashionable appearance. Our purpose is to hope that everyone can enjoy cycling, love cycling and have an environmental travel. Join the big family of us and let’s make contribute to the global ecosystem.


  • Technology

    Bring a better life with more advanced technology

  • Environmental Friendly

    Embrace green energy and create
    a better living

  • Safety

    Protecting your safety is our primary responsibility

The world needs to move fast to make a meaningful
difference in the fight against climate change.

We always firmly believe that all creatures living in this land have the same rights as human beings. To protect the environment is to protect human beings. For a better future, from now on, we should establish the concept of environmental protection, embrace green energy, and advocate green travel. Environmental protection, starting from every moment around

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