SINAR Motor Controller

$255.00 $189.00

SINAR S7 Ebike Brushless Motor Controller 48V 750W Applys to SINAR S7 series Electric Bikes

Brushless Motor Controller

48V 750W Brushless Motor Controller for V3 Electric Bike.
Perfect replacement for old or damaged
Ebike Brushless Motor Controller
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SINAR Motor Controller

SINAR Motor Controller

$255.00 $189.00

True adventure starts with Sinar

Main Features

The Colorful LCD Display

Pair large text with an image to give focus to your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availabIt is tough, compact, and easy to read with a full -color display. Keep ride data right where you can see it including rider power, motor output,speed, remaining range, and more!!!ility, style, or even provide a review.

The Saddle

Comfortable and the safety are important when you are riding, we are using widened and enlarged comfortable seat pad. The seat tube gives more support and strength for longer travel droppers, and allows for more robust, durable internals that work faster.

Rear Rack

The solid rear rack can make you load stuff up to 350 LB, it is the best place to carry foods that you buy from the store or your journey stuffs.

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Do not let the weather restrict the ride. The hydraulic disc has reliable and responsive braking performance they have dramatically reduced braking distance. It keeps efficient and safe in any weather conditions.

48V 15Ah SAMSUNG Lithium Battery

The 16ah 48v battery uses lithium Samsung battery cells the density of the battery’s power increase 20% compare to the normal battery which makes E-bike have long battery life and can ride long distance with this battery cells. The removable battery can makes you charge the battery any time and any place you want, which make your life conveniently.

20'4 Fat Tire

The waterproof 20'4 inches fat tires has high quality and durability. you can drive this through the mountain or street road.

750w Geared Hub Motor

More capacity equal to more power and more riding mileage. The E-bike carries 750w brush-less gear motor which can reach maximum peak 1000w can helps bike ride 31/MPH.

Air Fork and Excellent Shock Suspension

This electric bike for adults adopts 20”*4” integrated tire, air front fork and dual suspensions to ensures your safety, give bikes the abilities to absorb shocks. When you are riding the excellent suspension provides a suitable riding experience which makes you feel like riding the boat on the calm sea. So when you are riding, please receive natural feedback, feeling the wind through the face and enjoy your ride.

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Why you'll love it

1- The solid Aluminum alloy frame ensures your safe. 2- The removable integrate battery looks great and is super user-friendly: it fully hides the battery in the frame and makes it easy to remove the battery without tools . 3- The integrate line hides in the body of the frame, make sure the ebike has great looking and easy to assamble.

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4-The SAMSUNG Battery cell can make you ride longer, commute father and take more advantages. 5-The adjustable dual suspensions gives the bike a suitable riding experience and protect your safety.


Want to ride on the mountain road? Choose S7, it is your best friend to challenge any difficult. Want to stay away from traffic jam? Choose S7, it is your best mate during the commute time. Want to have an adventure? It is your faithful tool to stay with you.